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Carding is referred to as the process by which a plastic card is used to drag material through screens to sift trichomes from dried cannabis. This process is done to take away any excess plant material from the dries up cannabis. It is also referred to as a check for compliance to make sure the user is of legal age to purchase and consume marijuana products. If it is being purchased for medical reasons, then a medical marijuana recommendation is required in addition to a regular identification card.

The regulations are different wherever you go, so it is important to keep that in mind and just have an ID on you at all times. When you are on the receiving end of marijuana through Canada Post or a courier, a government-issued ID is required to ensure the person that is receiving it is of legal age. There are various retailers that even issue a fee for not using the service properly.

One company charges $30 if someone else aside from the original buyer accepts the package containing cannabis. In Colorado, the legal age to visit their dispensaries is 21 years old. Customers aren’t even allowed to enter the lobby if they are under age and if cannabis plants are on display as soon as you walk in.

Companies that card customers are also seen as a good way to protect their liability as the fines can range from $10,000 all the way up to $100,000. They may even lose their license to operate as a business permanently. Colorado dispensaries required customers to show their license twice. Once upon entering the store and once upon purchase of the cannabis product.

Use of Term

I got carded as soon as I entered the cannabis store as well as when I made the purchase before leaving the store.

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