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Carb cap

A carb cap is a small tool made of glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium with a rounded end and pointed handle. This tool is commonly used for dabbing. The pointed end is used to collect and dab the concentrate onto the nail, while the rounded end is used to cap the bowl and restrict the airflow chamber allowing vaporization to occur.

A carb cap is very commonly used in low-temperature dabbing. The consumer wants to preserve the concentrate’s terpenes and flavours with low-temperature dabbing so that they can be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Low-temperature dabbing also produces a smoother inhalation. This is helpful for consumers that dab for medical purposes who want to stop coughing or want to avoid a scratchy throat. Carb caps are required for open-air dabbing. Cannabis concentrate should be heated strictly on a dish of the nail with an open air system and it is vaporised at that spot. Standard open-air oil rigs include nails that are domeless, curves, and bangers.

A carb cap is placed on the nail over the dish to create a chamber after heating the concentrate. The vapours are collected inside the chamber so that they can be quickly inhaled via the dab rig device. Carb caps generally have a single hole for optimising suction, cooling down the vapour, and also to reduce the air temperature around the concentrate. There’s no need to get a carb cap if you’re satisfied with your dabbing experience.

These are not absolute necessities for dabbing. Without them, you can attain quality dabs effectively, but you won’t optimise the strength of what you can get out of your hit. It really changes the experience for many users when they first try out a dab rig with a carb cap. A carb cap is an ideal addition if you are looking for a way to enhance the flavour of your dabs, or if you are interested in quick dabbing. A carb cab will help you find the “right” temperature a lot easier and takes the guesswork and frustration out of the equation. It also helps you keep temperatures longer to vaporise your concentrates more completely.

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Hey man can you pass my carb cap, im looking to get even heat on this next dab.

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