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A capsule is cannabis that is in pill form and is most often used as medication through ingestion. Capsules can potentially have many different types of strains or oils that is specific to a certain strain of cannabis. They are said to be a safer form of using cannabis products as opposed to smoking or vaping it. Capsules are also a more convenient method to using cannabis and people that strictly use cannabis as medication most often prefer this method.

Capsules also include dosage information and that information will give patients the ability to plan ahead for whatever effects the capsules will have. There are immediate-release capsules and time-release ones. Immediate-release ones will work just like edibles in that they are ingested and absorbed in the stomach and metabolized through the liver. Each person has a different metabolic rate, so the effects are a little different for each individual using capsules.

Cannabiscapsules can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Timed-release capsules are ingested the same way, but there is a delay due to the ingredients in the capsule shell. This provides a slower release and potentially longer effects. Cannabiscapsules that contain a very high amount of THC will make the user feel more high than ones that don’t contain much. Capsules that contain a high amount of CBD will provide the benefits specific to that strain as well.

Some users will even make their own cannabiscapsules. It is suggested for sensitive users to stick to oil in the capsules instead of using dry cannabis. The best advice when using capsules is to start low and go slow, especially for the beginner. Doing this will prevent having an uncomfortable experience.

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These cannabis capsules are just as convenient as using edibles, and much more convenient than having to smoke it.

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