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Cannabinoids are the important chemical compounds that make up cannabis. The big cannabinoids are CBD and THC and they are the ones that produce the many different medicinal uses such pain reduction, anxiety, inflammation, and nausea. THC is the cannabinoid that produces the high that is felt when people use marijuana. It can provide a high that is felt in the head as well as the body. Cannabinoids from the hemp plant are mostly cannabidiol and it doesn’t produce the same high that THC does.

Cannabinoids have been out for many years and date way back to ancient China. Cannabinoids do their job by kind of imitating what endocannabinoids in our body do – to regulate health. When there are issues going on with our endocannabinoid system, that is when negative and unpleasant symptoms occur.

When a user smokes cannabis, the cannabinoids in that cannabis bind to receptors CB-1 and CB-2. The high is felt from THC because it will bind to the receptors in the brain (CB-1) and cannabinol will bind to receptors in the body (CB-2). Cannabinoids have come a long way over the years and they are even now being used in medical prescriptions.

Because of the many different types of strains of cannabis, the user has to know which cannabinoids are a part of the products they are consuming. One strain of cannabis will contain cannabinoids that will help with insomia, pain from arthritis, cramps, and heaches, while cannabinoids from another strain will help with nausea, diabetes, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Some of the side effects of certain cannabinoids include a higher heart rate, lower blood pressure, paranoia, panic attacks, and hallucinations.

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The cannabinoids in this strain of marijuana created a very euphoric sense of well-being, relieved some of my pain, and helped me fall asleep after.

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