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Cannabidivarin (CBDV)

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is found in cannabis plants and is just one of the many different types of cannabinoids of over 100. Structurally, it is fairly similar to cannabidiol, and in the same way, it doesn’t cause the psychoactive effects that THC can cause. So far, CBDV has been mainly found in indica strains of cannabis that are found in Asia and Africa. It is also commonly found in some strains that have a low THC content. Cannabis strains that contain a high level of CBD usually in most cases, have a high level of CBDV.

Most of the studies and continual research that is focused around CBDA is directed towards its ability to prevent seizures in people that have certain types of epilepsy disorders. The company that created Epidiolex, the first FDA approved CBD drug, is now working on producing a drug that is CBDV based. Its goal is to lower the chances of seizures as well as the severity. The research they have been conducting centers around the way CBDV interacts with the neurochemical pathways of capsaicin receptors that are involved in many of the different types of epilepsy disorders.

In addition, CBDV is starting to pick up pace in the use of other disorders. A study in 2018 showed that it can help aid in some of the symptoms that are linked to Rett syndrome. A study conducted in 2019 that used mice showed that CBDV helped some memory defects that contain the same genetic abnormality as people with Rett syndrome. In the same year, a study was done on CBDV and its potential positive effects on people with Duchenne muscular distrophy. CBDV may assist in alleviating inflammation and can increase muscle function.

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CBDV has beel helping reduce the amount and severity of my seizures lately.

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