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Butane Hash Oil

ButaneHashOil (BHO) is a potent viscous amber resin created by blastingbutane through cannabisflowers. Butane allows THC to be soluble and once the butane evaporates, all that remains is a powerful sticky layer of cannabistrichomes and terpenes. Butanehashoil is a sort of cannabisconcentrate that is produced using pressure, heat, and butane to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabisflowers.

Sometimes because of its consistency and colour, butanehashoil is referred to as butane honey oil. Because of the purging process of butane from the concentrate, the colour of the product is yellow and gold. There are various types of butanehashoil, but when you look at the content procedure, and final outcome, many of them are all similar.

There are several different types of butanehashoil, and all are a result of the difference in heat and humidity used throughout the process. Some of the different types are crumble, pull/snap, budder, wax, sap, and oil, each with its own consistency, color and texture. Novices shouldn’t try to extractbutanehashoil without understanding the consequences of the process.

Many people have been injured and have even died trying to do this without the required knowledge of the topic and process. Butane, which is an extremely flammable substance, is used in the extraction. Because the extraction is done over a stove, this adds another risk into the equation. Butanehashoil focuses directly on THC molecules and terpenes, which makes it a very potent product.

Many forms of butanehashoil may be vaped by the consumer, but shatters are considered to be harder to use in vapes. Because of the dangers of butane use and the danger of poisoning it poses, you should not use butanehashoil for edibles. Butane must be completely extracted from the product before safely consuming.

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Lets get some BHO and save it for a rainy day.

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