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Comparable to a pharmacist, a Budtender is an employee at a dispensary working behind the counter serving customers. These staff members generally know a lot about the products offered and can assist with a variety of questions. Don’t be afraid to approach them to help you navigate your cannabis experience. They are considered to be professionals in the cannabis industry and are useful in assisting customers that are seeking specific strains, of cannabis, along with various effects and uses of each product. Budtenders can inform you about edibles, solids, topicals, concentrates, oils, flowers, and plants.

A budtender must have a high level of knowledge of state, local, and federal laws governing cannabis use and sale of it. They need a thorough understanding of the different types and varieties of marijuana in the dispensary. They should have a deep understanding of the effectiveness of each strain, potential side-effects that might occur, levels of THC, levels of CBD, predicted high, scent, and taste of each cannabisstrain. Each strain of cannabis is distinctive from each other, and many have the ability to treat some medical conditions more efficiently than others.

A budtender will know what strain the patient should be using that is the most effective to treat whatever medical condition they have. All strains of cannabis will have certain psychoactive effects on the user. Some strains will make the user feel more relaxed and laid back, while others will be make the user feel more uplifting and energetic. No matter what type of high each strain will produce, the budtender should know this information so that they can inform the consumer what to expect after consumption. As of 2017, there is no licensure or certifications that one must have to be a budtender, and no national licensing standards have been implemented yet.

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