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Budder is a cannabisconcentrate that is soft and flexible containing 70%+ THC. This potent concentrate is designed for use in a dab rig or pen. Budder is known to have a high level of terpenes and this high terpene content is what makes the budder so flavorful for the user in comparison to other types of marijuana concentrates.

Budder contains a yellowish and creamy type of consistency and its appearance looks much like butter itself. Throughout the process of making budder, it is whipped with a lot of effort, and this is what causes its creamy-looking appearance. It took more than a decade of work to refine the process of budder creation. In the late 1990s, budder research began with the development of liquid cannabis honey oil.

The honey oil was eventually refined into ‘glass’ or ‘shatter’ production (also a form of cannabisconcentrate) and then into the formation of budder. Due to its high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which typically ranges from 80 to 90%, Budder is highly coveted by cannabis users. Experiments suggest that a budder is usually at least 99.5% pure in addition to high levels of cannabinoids. It does not contain chemicals, toxins, moulds, heavy metals, solvents, or other contaminants.

Medically beneficial cannabinoids such as cannabidiol and cannabinol are also found in budder, which makes it ideal for people that are using it to help with their symptoms. Cannabidiol assists in moderating the effects of the budder’s high THC content. The maker who first created budder, known as BudderKing sought to patent the word “butter” but was denied. Eventually, a member of his family suggested to just use the name “budder” instead of butter. He initially didn’t want to change the old way of spelling it, but after a while, he finally did so. Budder should be stored in an airtight and light-proof container for best results.

Use of Term

A hit a dab of budder and it hit me right in the senses.

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