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A Bud is the mature flower of a cannabis plant. They can be harvested, dried, and smoked after a long process. The buds of a cannabis plan contain common cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, and THCV. Buds contain a distinct aroma and appearance to them and this is usually a strong symbol of their quality. Sometimes they are sticky, and sometimes they are more brittle and on the dryer side.

A marijuana plant starts to exit the vegetative stage and grow buds when it is about six weeks old. Initially, two white hairs are produced by the plant. This is where the bud will start taking form. Normally, buds take about two to five weeks to fully develop once the formation process begins. On the main stems, the hairs grow where the branches intersect.

In order to attract pollinating insects, the female bud produces ample resin that is rich in terpenes and trichomes. The growth development area of the bud is known as the cola. The bud on the cola is often referred to as the calyx. Only the female marijuana plants have the ability to grow buds containing high cannabinoid levels. The buds have white hairs that mature into red, grey, and tan shades.

The hairs are known as the pistils. The pistols on the bud are intended to hold any male pollen that potentially falls onto the bud to make sure that the pollination process occurs. Resin glands on the bud will produce sticky trichomes and terpenes in order to attract pollinating insects and prevent herbivores from wrecking the buds. Male buds don’t contain the same level of cannabinoids that female plants have. They only have pollen sacs that are used to fertilize the female plants. Some people have also used the term bud to just refer to cannabis in general.

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Milo grabbed some bud from a dispensary near him that came with a free pre-roll.

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