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Halfway between a bong and a pipe, a Bubbler is a small-to-medium sized smoking device great for filtered tokes on the go. It looks like a pipe but with a small chamber under the bowl to hold water. Bubblers filter smoke through the water just like a bong, but are much more portable.

Bubblers are known to be smaller devices, but they come in various shapes. They typically do not have a bowl that can be removed from them. To use a bubbler, the user will fill it up with water to a certain level, then pack the bowl with cannabis. They will light up the cannabis, cover up the tiny hole that is located on the base of the bubbler, and then inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

The cannabis smoke moving through the water helps to cool off the smoke, making it more comfortable to inhale for the user as opposed to a pipe that can sometimes cause unpleasant coughing fits. Bubblers are known to be more soothing for the user’s respiratory system. Unlike bigger bongs, a bubbler’s small size makes it ideal for transporting around. It is assumed that sometime in the 1960s, the first bubblers were invented as a better alternative to pipes and larger bongs for cannabis use.

Instead of using a pipe or smoking a cigarette, one of the greatest benefits of using a bubbler to smoke cannabis is the stronger psychoactive effects that the smoker can achieve, often called the ‘high’. Because of the water in the bubbler, the user can inhale a much larger quantity of smoke and it will consequently increase the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In addition to fewer respiratory issues, bubbler users also experience less throat irritation and nose burning. If cannabis users want portable bong without losing much of the effectiveness of a bong, bubblers are a great choice.

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I tried my friend’s bubbler last night and it was great!

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