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Breeding is the process where two different types of desirable cannabis strains with desirable traits are crossed in order to form a new strain, most commonly referred to as a hybrid. Breeding has a main goal and that is to achieve a stronger strain with stronger traits. Some other desirable things that breeding can accomplish are to produce a higher yield, create a certain pleasant aroma from the cannabis, and achieve a stronger potency.

If a breeder that the weed is purchased from cannot give a good description of how the seeds were bred, then it is hard to tell what type of cannabis you are really purchasing. Beginners usually are more focused on the purchasing of cannabis instead of breeding it themselves. Breeding is more focused on the commercial scale and has some fairly complex and technical aspects involved to create just the right strain. When two parents straing of cannabis are chosen for a particular breed, they are inserted into an enclosed chamber to hold all of the pollen in.

Usually one male and a few different female plants are chosen for this task. For small-scale breeding, not much is required to do this aside from an enclosed space covered with plastic. But with large-scale breeding, the enclosed environment is usually sterile and much more spacious. One male cannabis plant can pollinate as nearly as 20 different female plants. With unintentional breeding, a single male can pollinate hundreds of females at a time. After the plants are in the chamber for breeding, you just need a flowering light placed over them for 12 hour periods of light and 12 hour periods of darkness.

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Breeding this strain of cannabis was a great idea. It now gives off a much more pleasant aroma and is way stronger than the last batch we had.

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