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A brand is a strategy that is used to effectively create a competitive edge in the cannabis market. It is an obligation to a customer that can quickly and briefly describe to them what your promise is behind your product. A brand helps customers know what differentiates you from every other company that is in the same market as you. It is what your company does, who it wants to be in the future, and who customers perceive it to be. One can quickly see the M logo many times when they drive through big cities.

A brand in a company is the key factor that makes it relevant above the rest. A cannabis company that has its brand advertising strains of weed that have a very high THC content in their products, will most likely appeal to customers that regularly use cannabis and are fairly knowledgeable in the industry. If the brand really does prove to have a high THC content, customers will become more familiar with the brand and will in turn, become repeat customers for the foreseeable future.

On the flip side, if customers purchase the cannabis from the same company and have a poor experience after smoking it, they are likely to not return and that brand will start developing a bad reputation for itself. Things behind a brand are mission statement of the company, the benefits and features of the brand, the reputation of the brand in the eyes of customers, and qualities of the brand that the company wants itself to be associated with. The brand will include a logo, brand messaging, a voice that reflects the brand, a brand tagline, and these things will be displayed on all marketing materials.

Use of Term

I’m starting to like the company that sells this brand of vaporizers because I always get a nice, smooth haul on it and it always does the trick.

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