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A Bowl is a part of certain smoking paraphilia like bongs and pipes where herbs and flowers are loaded. A bowl can also be used as a unit of measurement for approximately 0.1-0.3 grams of cannabis. A bowl usually has a tiny hole in it that is most commonly known as a carb which allows the whole chamber to be cleared on its side. While the user is inhaling the marijuana smoke, the carb should be covered up.

The bowl on a pipe used for marijuana consumption is fairly similar to that of a pipe used for tobacco. The biggest difference would be that marijuana pipes are typically made of glass, but they have also been made from briarwood, clay, meerschaum, and corncob. It may not be as easy to put cannabis in a bowl as it seems.

A lot of the time, the cannabis falls right through the bowl and into the bottom of the pipe itself. The cannabis should not be ground too fine (such as in a powder) to smoke in a bowl. It simply needs to be ground down small enough to cover a certain portion of the surface area of the bowl and can be pressed down with the thumb. One way to keep cannabis from dropping through the bowl is to use a small chunk of cannabis that hasn’t been ground up yet. The tiny chunk can be placed in the bowl just enough to cover the bottom hole of the pipe, and then covered with the rest of the weed on top of it.

You can also use a stem from the cannabis plant as a screen in the bowl. If you manage to find a stem in the shape of a “y”, then place it upright in the bowl. This will block weed from falling through, while still allowing sufficient airflow.

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I just packed and hit an entire bowl of cannabis!

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