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Borneol is a popular terpene that is found in marijuana. It is widely used in Chinese medicine and is also called moxa. It has been reported to date way back to the 1600s in China for the relief of pain, the reduction in inflammation in the body, to help lower anxiety, and even cure heart ailments. Borneol is still being researched today and a study that was conducted in 2013 proved that it provided a large reduction in nociceptive pain in mice. It also displayed anti-flammatory properties on the same mice.

Many medications that were used in that study caused some impairment in motor coordination. Borneol did not cause the same negative effects as those medications. A study that was conducted in 2003 proved that borneol can be safely used as a topical treatment to numb the pain in areas of the body. Researches found that the use of borneol as a topical treatment for pain can even be more effective than lidocaine.

There was another study in 2004 that was conducted to see if borneol can have a positive and lowering effect on anxiety and stress. Its ability to modulate GABA receptors responsible for anxiety and proved to be successful. Chinese medicine has used borneol for heart disease for many years and a particular study showed that it had the ability to lower the risk of rats having a stroke. It is also said to contain antioxidative and neuroprotective properties. This proves that it can be used in the treatment of diseases that are neurodegenerative in nature.

When patients receive medication, borneol has been used in conjunction with that to assist in the body’s absorption of the medication. It is because of the ability it has to lower the brain-blood barrier. Borneol has been said to be used as a flavoring too.

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