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Bongwater is simply the liquid contained within a bong that is used for smoking. Smoke, ash, and resin gets filtered through the water and thus overtime, the liquid becomes dank, dark, and dirty. Cannabis enthusiasts should avoid spilling bongwater at all costs, as the smell is strong and difficult to remove. Changing the bongwater regularly reduces the chance for a messy spill.

Some users opt to change bong water after each use, while some re-use the same water multiple times before changing it. Bongs are produced in various shapes and sizes, but typically, they are made of glass, ceramic, or acrylic. All bongs still do require the addition of water or some other substance. In order to use a bong, the user will pack the bowl of the bong with ground-up cannabis material. Water is then added to the bong to a desired level.

The user will then light up the cannabis material in the bowl of the bong. The smoke from lighting up the cannabis will travel from the bowl, through a stem, and through the bong water. When you do decide to clean out the bong water, it’s a good idea to just clean out the whole bong at the same time. Bong water can contain toxins that would be harmful to a user’s health if consumed. People have been experimenting with other liquids instead of water to change the flavor of the cannabis vapor that is being inhaled. Some people use cranberry juice, sports drinks like gatorade or powerade, certain types of wine, hot teas, iced tea, and Kool-aid.

Any type of fat-free liquid can be used without having an effect of the THC levels in the cannabis. Sugary beverages are said to cause the bong to be sticky, which might ruin the bong later on, so it is adviced to continue with caution when using anything but water.

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I just changed the bongwater because the water was filthy.

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