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A Bong is a water-pipe constructed from glass, plastic, metal, or ceramic used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs. The smoke is pulled through the down-stem and filtered through a chamber of water before inhalation.

A simple bong can be made from almost anything, including fruit, water bottles, and instruments. But today, bongs are more advanced and sophisticated than ever. Modern bongs incorporate new gadgets such as ash-catchers, ice catches, and percolators to add to the smoking experience.

A bong utilizes water to make the sometimes harsh effects of marijuana easier to bare for the user when inhaled. It gives the user the ability to inhale to a deeper level and as a result, this will create a higher degree of psychoactive effects in comparison to other smoking methods. To use a bong properly, the user first fills the bong’s bowl with ground-up marijuana. The bong is then filled with water to a specific level.

The user then lights up the marijuana that’s inside the bowl of the bong. The burning marijuana vapour moves through a stem from the pipe down into the water within the bong. Using the mouthpiece of the bong, the user breathes the smoke produced. Users will typically feel much less throat or lung irritation when inhaling the cooled smoke in comparison to other common methods of marijuana smoking such as joints or pipes.

Bongs have been around for thousands of years for herb, marijuana, and tobacco smokers alike. The first bongs are said to have been created by Africans, but there are also researchers that will argue this fact and state that bongs were first invented by the Portugese. Depending on whoever you ask, it seems that you will reach a different conclusion as to how they originated.

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I often smoke cannabis from my large bong made of glass.

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