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A Blunt is a smoking technique that involves emptying the guts of a cigar and using the remaining tobacco leaf to roll up a desired amount of cannabis. Blunt Wraps are derivatives of actual cigars and are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours.

Blunts are great for social activities and sharing due to the long burn time. However, blunt and blunt wraps do contain nicotine and can induce light-headed ness for those not used to tobacco. Because of the tobacco flavour combining with the marijuana plant material, a blunt tastes dramatically different from a traditional joint. Most people find that the added tobacco mixture on their throats is too rough.

Cannabis connoisseurs often argue that tobacco contaminates or overpowers the essential terpenes and flavours of cannabis. Because of the combination of marijuana and tobacco paper reacting with each other, a blunt can be a heavy hitter for people that haven’t tried them before. A blunt is also longer, thicker, and heavier than a regular joint. Blunts became common because people wanted to disguise marijuana. It also adds a measure of discreetness.

Onlookers would most likely believe that the individual is just smoking a cigar. The scent of the tobacco wrap was also believed to overwhelm the weed smell and make it harder to identify. Blunts are often difficult to roll for novices due to the thicker paper. Joints are considered to be easier after a little practice. If the consumer opts to hollow out an existing cigar to pack with marijuana, blunts can also take longer to roll. Because blunts are quite a bit thicker than joints, they burn slower and are more beneficial when smoking in a group setting because they will last for a longer period of time.

Use of Term

I brought the cigar papers, my friend brought the weed, and we rolled a blunt.

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