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Blasting is a process that creates hash oil by passing a solvent through cannabis flowers or other plant fibres. Blasting is a process used to extract marijuana. It is known to be fairly dangerous and is not currently regulated Typically, the process occurs inside a metal or glass tube in which a solvent is used for the extraction process.

Due to the safety concerns with open blasting, a closed-loop system is the preferred method. Due to the risk of explosion, open blasting is not used in manufacturing facilities for commercial extraction. Blasting is used to produce cannabis concentrates such as hash oil. The overall procedure consists of pushing a solvent right through the plant material and it pulls out the oils. Butane is considered to be the most common solvent used to blast the cannabis plant material.

In closed-loop blasting, because butane is forced through one end of the metal or glass tube as it expands and pushes through the plant material until the oils will flow out of the other end of the tube, it is much more convenient than open blasting. One thing to note about blasting is that it can cause the concentrate to leave a residue.

This might have an effect on the taste when it is being vaped or smoked. The most commonly made concentrate that is made with blasting is butane hash oil, but the process can also be used to make wax, honeycomb, glass, and honey toast. Blasting typically is recommended for people that are very familiar with the process and have had the experienced in both closed-loop and open blasting methods. The manufacturer needs to be aware of the potential risks when conducting this process and it is recommended to do it in a safe and controlled facility with all required precautions set in place.

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LPs create BHO by blasting butane through potent cannabis flowers.

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