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Banger Bead

To distribute the concentrate on the banger, a tiny quartz ball is sometimes placed in the banger while dabbing. These banger beads are also known as dab pearls. People who like to heat their dabs at a low temperature will most likely use banger beads. They help in the movement of melted concentrate to areas of the banger that are higher in heat. Lower temperature dabs means better flavor.

High temperature dabs can sometimes cause a burnt flavor that is not pleasant for the user. Lower temperatures keep the terpenes intact and banger beads are a great way to do that. Banger beads can typically be interpreted as little balls that twirl around in the banger when taking a draw. The beads will keep the heat inside of the banger at an even scale and kind of disperse the oil for big hauls. The size of banger beads can range from around 4mm to 6mm in thickness.

The best quality beads are made of quartz and can also be made out of ruby, ceramic, and glass. Cannabis users will resort to banger beads mostly for the flavor of the dabs that they can’t reach without them. Because of the low temperature that banger beads let you heat the banger at, users won’t have to worry about the banger getting too cold before the oil inside of it is getting vaporized. Users sometimes get annoyed at the amount of residue that is stuck to the bottom of the banger due to the oil not getting the opportunity to heat up. With the beads, users won’t have to worry about that sticky residue nearly as much, and will just be able to enjoy more flavor.

Use of Term

I like to use banger beads to give me better distribution because low temperature dabs work best that way.

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