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Banger is known as a dish that is used to hold marijuanaconcentrate on an oil dab rig. The shape is usually circular and it can be made many different ways. The most typical ones are made of glass, titanium, ceramic, and quartz. A banger is designed to resist a very high degree of heat because a high temperature is needed in order to vaporize marijuanaconcentrate. The banger should also be designed to keep the concentrate at a good temperature so that the dab’s flavors and aromas can be released.

A banger needs to be around 3mm thick to be able to hold the heat for an extended period of time. The thicker the banger means the higher the price tag. They come in all sorts of different sizes, but the costly ones are priced higher because of their ability to retain heat, and that ability to retain the heat for longer periods of time is what brings out the flavor. A well-structured banger will usually have a tiny hole that will constrict air flow.

When bangers were first introduced, they were mostly made out of glass. Because of glass having a tendency to break once it is heated over and over, quartz was selected as the best and highest quality of material to make the bangers. Quartz is also the best material due to its easy ability to clean. All it takes is a paper towel to briskly wipe it off, or you can even heat it up until it is red hot. Where glass and ceramic bangers break from the heat, quartz will never break, even if you repeatedly heat it up in the same spot over and over. The many different types of bangers, including thermal bangers and reactor core bangers all have their set of advantages depending on the user.

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