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Backcross (BX)

Backcross is defined as a type of cannabis breeding that focuses on a positive trait of in the parent plant passing down to the offspring. It is fairly different from regular breeding methods in the way that it just involves one parent plant and its offspring. This method allows the offspring plant to be similar in genetics to the parent plant.

The ideal scenario is that the offspring will contain two sets of the desirable genes in the parent plant. Backcross breeding gives the grower a chance to keep these desirable traits in the plant an opportunity to pass on to future generations of the plant. Backcross is most commonly referred to as BX where the B stands for back and the X stands for cross. Growers that are trying to target specific traits in a strain will prefer the use of backcross breeding to keep those traits locked into successive plants.

A downside of backcross breeding is that sometimes, it can be taken a little too far. If a plant is bred too many times, some of the bad genes can also be contained in the offspring. It is something that should only be done on a very limited scale, such as once or twice. With this type of breeding, the most ideal male plant is selected instead of the female.

Sometimes it can take up to five generations of breeding before the parent plant successfully passes on the positive traits to offspring. Once it does, then the male and female can be used to create hybrids. Backcross breeding can be a little confusing to a beginner, but in the end, its purpose is to create the best overall strain of cannabis.

Use of Term

To get this strain of cannabis, I had to grow use backcross breeding so that it only produced the best high.

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