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The term auto-flower refers to growing cannabis in the way that it will automatically start to flower instead of always having to wait for a certain light cycle. The plants will flower on their own after about half a month to one month. Not all plants contain the ability to auto-flower, but some cannabis plants are able to do this.

Many plants need a day and night, light and darkness cycle in order to produce flowers on them. Plants that do have this ability to auto-flower simply don’t need to have this regulated cycle of light and darkness that they get. The plants will automatically produce flowers based on their growth and size. Some specific strains of cannabis have been created to grow without the light and darkness requirements. Auto-flowering is considered to be a recessive trait, and that means that both of the parents need to have the gene for the plants to auto-flower.

Auto-flowering has some advantages to it. The very short period that passes from seed to harvest makes it especially beneficial. The plants can be kept very short in height and this will benefit people who want to conceal them. Auto-flowering gives plants the ability to be grown in colder climates because of the short life span. Multiple harvests can be produced outdoors instead of just one. You can use the same environment for vegetating and flowering unlike some of the strains that need light dependent environments based on which cycle of growth they are at. Many people believe that auto-flowering produces bad to mild flowers and they typically do not produce very high yields.

Use of Term

My cannabis plants have the ability to auto-flower, so I don’t have to keep such a careful watch on how much light and darkness they are getting.

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