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Generally, an atomizer is the heating element in a vaporizer. A vaporizer changes cannabis or oil into very small droplets that can then be inhaled. There would simply be no vapour without an atomizer, so it is the most important component of the device.

An atomizer consists of a wick and electronic coils. The wick is usually made of cotton, and absorbs oil from the cartridge, allowing it to move up into the coils. The atomizer will continuously produce vapour only if the cartridge is full of oil. The oil makes contact with the coils and is changed into vapour.

An atomizer’s energy output is measured in ohms. The lower the ohms, the more power the atomizer has. But if you want a vaporizer that is small and easy to conceal, you might want to look for one with a little less power.

The three types of atomizers on the market are cartomizers, clearomizers, and drip tip atomizers. Cartomizers are the cheapest and most popular. They are fairly disposable and you can just chuck them when you want to try out other flavours. Clearomizers are newer and more expensive.

They can hold oil in the clear tanks they have, which makes it easy to see how much oil is left. Drip tip atomizers are older and cannabis oil is dripped straight on the heating element with no cartridge used. Users will enjoy this method if they want to fully enjoy the flavor of their cannabis.

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