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Aroma is referring to the distinct smell that is created from the plant’s terpenes. Strains of cannabis vastly differ in smell from each other and it is all dependent on their specific terpene profile. The terpenes are located in the resin glands of the plant. Female marijuana plants give off the most potent aroma to attract insects for pollination. To draw in more pollinating insects, the plant will release more terpeneresin.

The specific aroma of a particular strain of weed is dependent on a few factors. These rangs from the age of the plant, type of soil, water, fertilizers, light, and what time of day it is. Sometimes it can smell different in the morning than later at night. There has been reportedly over 200 different terpenes for marijuana plants. Strains are usually named the way they are named due to their unique smell or blend of smells. Scientists have determined that the scent that marijuana gives off is primarily there in order to protect the plant from predation.

The aroma that terpenes give off has had many different therapapeutic uses such as raising energy levels, relief from insomnia, and even to help one remain calm. Some of the more common cannabisterpenes are myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, terpinolene, pinene, among many others. Each is said to have its own set of unique therapeutic benefits for the user.

Many users will keep their marijuana in a sealed glass jar to keep the terpenes smelling strong. Each different terpene is a useful way to tell the different from one strain to the next and it is suggested to smell before buying. When you grind up cannabis in a grinder, it unlocks the potent smell even more.

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The aroma of that marijuana we smoked earlier was a mixture of blueberries and lemons.

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