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Anther is a sac that is located near the tip of the stamen and is of an oval shape. They dangle from filaments that are located below sepals, specifically on the male marijuana plants. The flowers contain around 5 sepals that are usually green in color, but sometimes, they can also be purple. Pollen is produced, held, and then released from the male marijuana plant. Anthers have the capability to release millions of pollen grains. These pollen granules will be released into the air from the pollen sacs if they are not disturbed.

Things that would cause the them to be disturbed are various air currents or something brushing across them. For marijuana plants that are being used to breed, this pollen can be gathered up from anthers and then applied to the female marijuana plants in effort to cross-breed them, and that will result in a hybrid strain. Very mature anthers will look somewhat like a small bunch of bananas and anthers are sometimes even referred to as bananas.

In regard to the resin in cannabis flowers, the largest is seen to be in the male plants and it is formed on either side of the anthers. When pollen grains fly into the air, it is the hope that they will make it to the pistil of a female plant and consequently reproduce. Pollination is ideal as soon as the anthers begin to show on a plant. When people are breeding cannabis seeds, they will sometimes place a bag over the containing branch to prevent it from falling off in order to collect all of the pollen inside of it.

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The anthers on those cannabis plants contained a lot of pollen that was released into the air when they were disturbed.

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