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Agitation is the process of breaking and shaking the cannabis plant through physical contact to collect trichomes. When frozen, cannabis plants drop their crystal trichomes easier. The agitation process not only isolates the trichomes, but also helps to retain the terpenes of the marijuana plant. Agitation is widely used in the processing of good-quality kief and other cannabis concentrates used in dabbing. Marijuana plant matter is subjected to dry ice to help break away trichome stalks. The marijuana plant material is then treated through the screens using agitation to lightly remove the trichomes. A lot of care must be taken when utilizing this process, because too much pressure will split apart the plant material into small pieces, and it will also fall through the screens along with the trichomes, making the product less pure.

Water hash, bubble hash, and full melt are also developed using agitation methods that also include ice, water, and filtration. While making these marijuana concentrates, it is recommended that the agitation is induced by a gentle stirring of the hand instead of a massive agitation machine which can end up harming trichomes and sensitive terpenes. Hand stirring agitation produces a more natural and pure substance compared to the so-called’ washing machines ‘ methods of agitation. In addition to alcohol extraction, there is a wide range of other ways to perform the extraction process as well. Alcohol is included in the big three ways, but the other two common extraction methods are through hydrocarbon extraction, which typically uses butane or propane, and supercritical CO2 extraction.

Hydrocarbon extraction can extract a much greater amount of terpenes from cannabis than alcohol extraction can. Preserving the terpenes means that the user will be able to enjoy much better flavour and aroma profiles. While supercritical CO2 extraction is considered to be newer than the other two, it is still quite popular.

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I shake up my grinder to create agitation and collect more trichomes through the screen.

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