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Aeroponics refers to a method of growing marijuana plants without using an actual pot or soil for the roots. It differs in this way from the traditional style of growing. Aeroponics leaves the plants’ roots hanging in the air exposed, where they can be given nutrients through misted water.

At first, this was used as a way of researching plants. It has now become a good way to grow them.

The method requires a setup that involves a planter bed and a water reservoir that is checked for nutrient levels to sustain the plants.

There are many different designs for these beds, but in general they require a drainage system, a mist system, and a way of keeping the roots separate from the plants themselves. Beginners will want to stay away from this style of growing, as it is fairly complicated to set up properly. You need a broad understanding of how cannabis plants grow, as well as a hefty budget. The mist-based system needs to be running 24/7, and so power outages, pump failures, or clogged nozzles can interfere with growth. All of the continuous maintenance and costs make aeroponics a method for the advanced grower.

Despite these potential downsides, an aeroponics system allows cannabis roots to be exposed to oxygen for the whole growth cycle, and to have direct contact with nutrients. This environment is what causes plants to thrive.

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