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Adult-use is a term that is used for places that you can purchase cannabis with a lot less regulations. Whereas a medical dispensary includes a list of certain rules that one must abide by in order to make the purchase for marijuana, adult-use is far less stringent. Adult-use is more often referred to the use of cannabis that is used in a recreational way. In order to step foot inside an adult-use cannabis store, you must be at least 21 years of age. You must also provide legal identification that is valid and not expired. A valid passport may also be used as valid identification.

Many adult-use stores will have websites dedicated to providing the most up to date information on the various strains of cannabis, whether it’s in concentrate, edible, or topical form. Medical marijuana stores will provide more one-on-one time to provide information on their cannabis products, but adult-use stores don’t always have the time to devote to their customers in this way. Adult-use stores can be seen as a quick stop off to pick up your cannabis, much like a typical liquor store where you go in, purchase your alcohol, then leave. It is best to do some research before you go, as some of the customer representatives can have a fairly basic background on marijuana.

An adult-use dispensary can be trusted to a higher degree than if you bought it from some random person on the street. The product is more regulated and your health at its priority. It is a business such as any other one. The company provides a product, and if that product is a good one, the customer will have higher chances in coming back for more.

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Visit your local adult-use dispensary for your next batch of marijuana or marijuana related products.

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