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An adapter is a beneficial accessory that makes consuming cannabis much easier for the user. One might initially look at an adapter in confusion, but once you realize their usefulness and how much more convenient they are, you will be hooked. Just as some people prefer their own unique method for smoking weed, these devices can add a personalized level of comfort to your session. They have a few different purposes. The first purpose is that they can transform a bong into a dab rig. The adapter will allow you to attach extra pieces and adjust the stem size. Adapters can be used for changing the size of the joint on the bong. This easy and quick adjustment will speed up the adjustment process for the user.

Another purpose of an adapter is that a dag rig can be changed into a bong. The dabbing head piece can be removed and replaced with an adapter that will contain a marijuana bowl instead. There are a few different types of adapters such as the female to female, male to male, and male to female. Each adapter has its own set of uses, all dependent on what you want to achieve by utilizing it.

The shape and size of the joint on the bong need to be taken into consideration when you are researching an adapter that will be compatible. If you are unsure what type of adapter you need, it might take a little measuring and becoming familiar with the different terms. Heading to your local vape shop and asking for assistance could benefit you when seeking out just the right one that you need.

Use of Term

I’m gonna order a male to female adapter accessory for my bong so that I can adjust the size of the joint before my next smoking session.

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