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Access Point

Typically referred to as a dispensary, an Access Point is a designated location within a state where patients can legally purchase medical marijuana. These access points are highly regulated at the moment. However, as cannabis laws loosen, more locations are opening every day. Usually, access points are also called dispensaries. Besides selling medical cannabis, an access point also helps educate and inform patients about all facets of medical cannabis.

Depending on the state involved and its specific laws, an access point is often a spot where patients and consumers can meet with cannabis experts to learn about the regional application and certification process in order to gain access to medical marijuana to treat a range of state-specified conditions. Marijuana products containing different amounts of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenoids are sold to eligible adults at an access point. Access point technicians, who are also known as budtenders, address and inform patients about the different strains of marijuana available and the various products that can be obtained to meet the specific medical needs of the customer.

Generally speaking, the majority of access points are similar to a physician’s office or have a separating window where patients can address their private medical problems openly with a professional budtender when examining the cannabis products that are available. Patients and consumers are usually both required to register at the access point and will have to submit all of their state certifications in order to make any type of purchases.

An access point can basically be thought of as a place that is licenced to sell cannabis products. In addition to being referred to as a dispensary, sometimes it’s called a co-op, compassion club, and clinic. The term access point gives it somewhat of a more professional sounding vibe.

Use of Term

If you have a green card, there is an access point down the road where you can obtain medical cannabis.

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