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710 is a term that many stoners use when they are referring to cannabis concentrates. Similar to how 420 is used, 710 has become somewhat of a celebratory day that is held on July 10th of each year, just the same way that 420 is held on April 20th. Someone decided that marijuana concentrates should have their own specific day to be celebrated, and 710 was chosen. 710 was mainly chosen for the reason that it spells ‘OIL’ if you read it upside down.

The term oil was chosen because it is typically used when referring to certain marijuana concentrates such as shatter, wax, hash, and others. It is fairly unknown how the term was started, and many different people will claim they are the ones who originated it. The 710 stoner holiday buzz began roughly around 2013. Many people have still not heard of this term and it could have been started much earlier than that, but 2013 is when people started becoming aware.

Marijuana concentrates are very potent and as they continue to become more popular over the years, 710 will coincidentally become more known as well. Concentrates contain a very high level of THC and some distillates can reach as high as 99%. No one exactly knows if 710 is here to stay as much as 420 has cemented itself over the years. A lot of cannabis users still haven’t dabbled into the use of concentrates. 710 became the code for cannabis oil when people were seeking it from their drug dealers. The dealer would know right away what the user wanted if they simply sent a text message requesting 710. Using marijuana concentrates has been widely used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes because of its more potent effects it has on the user.

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