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There are many different stories on how the term 420 originated. Some at first thought it was the number of active chemicals in marijuana. 420 actually refers to the international celebration of marijuana that takes place on April 20. It is pronounced four-twenty and is well-known for the consumption of cannabis. Many people use this term as slang for getting high. It usually occurs in popular locations in each landmark area of the cities where the 420 events are held.

California Bill 420 was released in 2003 that was aimed at regulating cannabis usage. Cannabis users will flock to each mainstream destination where the celebrations are held on April 20th of each year and smoke up with the crowds of people. 420 loosely originated in California in the late 1970s and was well-known to be the police code for cannabis smoking in progress. Once people started hearing the term, usage of it exploded and many people all over the nation caught on to its meaning. People will use the term 420 for various things like residential ads when they are looking for 420 friendly roommates, or pals to 420 with.

Legalization activists, pot-smokers, and basically everyone around the world knows what 420 means by now. The introduction of 420 began with a group of high school kids back in 1971 using the phrase, 420 Louis. By this, they meant they’d meet at the Louis Pasteur statue by the high school at 4:20pm to get high. It is now no surprise why people across the globe meet at landmark spots throughout the cities at this time to do the same thing. 420 and its hugely popular association with marijuana usage won’t be forgotten about anytime soon, and neither will its yearly celebrations throughout the globe.

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