How To Ease The Symptoms Of Marijuana Withdrawal

Many habitual and long-term users of marijuana sometimes want to take a break from it. For some, this can pose

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Many habitual and long-term users of marijuana sometimes want to take a break from it. For some, this can pose great difficulty and cause a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms starting within two days of halting cannabis use. It doesn’t compare to the discomfort that is experienced by alcohol or other drugs, but it can still be quite the annoyance.

What Symptoms Can It Cause?

Some of the various symptoms that stopping cannabis use after using it routinely and for the long-term:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Constant craving for marijuana
  • Agitation
  • Weakness
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

These symptoms can occur in up to 75% of people that quit. After around four weeks of abstaining from cannabis use, the unpleasant symptoms start to wear off. It is fairly similar to a heavy coffee drinker all of a sudden having to give up regular coffee use. The regular use of cannabinoids affects the brain and its activity. Using any drug in the long-term is bound to cause some sort of adverse effects, and THC is no different. When one stops using cannabis, the brain takes some time to get used to the cannabinoids all of a sudden disappearing. Some may call it a marijuana withdrawal headache, but there are some things that can be done to ease the discomfort.

What Can Be Done?

To alleviate some of the related symptoms of cannabis withdrawal syndrome, antidepressants are sometimes prescribed. Remeron is one of them and is largely used to help you sleep. Another thing that might help is a different form of cannabinoids. Sativex has been tested for this use and researchers found that high doses of it helped relieve some of the adverse symptoms of cannabis abstinence. The goal is to use Sativex to lessen the withdrawal symptoms and then taper off of Sativex after about a month.

Does The Intake Make A Difference?

Even though one can also lower the withdrawal symptoms by using cannabis itself, the psychological aspects of it can cause some issues. The intake of cannabis can remind the user too much of their routine, so Sativex being given in an oral spray is different than the way they would use cannabis. For example, if you are heavy into smoking joints, then smoking joints probably wouldn`t be the best way to wean yourself off of them. Using an oral spray wouldn’t remind you of smoking joints and altering the intake can make a positive difference. It is comparable to a cigarette smoking using the patch to break their addiction.

Can People Stop On Their Own?

With marijuana use, most research indicates that the majority of people are able to stop on their own without the use of something like Sativex. Cannabis is nowhere near as addictive as something like heroin. But, there is a population of people out there that really benefit from the prescription and it can really speed up the abstinence process and make things less uncomfortable. In the end, stabilizing your sleep or mood can only benefit the person trying to quit marijuana use.

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