Beat A Drug Exam Using THX Detoxification Beverages

If you have a drug test tomorrow and are looking for the fastest marijuana detox, then you might want to consider a detox drink.

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With such a high quantity of people using cannabis these days, and yet still a number of employers conducting drug tests and refusing jobs for people that have THC in their blood, it comes as no surprise that people are trying to cover up their tracks by using detox beverages. One of the biggest questions surrounding the detox beverage is if they really do work and eliminate the trace of THC from the body in order to pass a drug test. If you have a drug test tomorrow and are looking for the fastest marijuana detox, then you might want to consider a detox drink.

Detox Beverages: What’s Its Purpose?

Jumping straight to the point, the purpose of a detox beverage is to clean out all of the toxins from the bladder. Doing this ensures that you will have clean urine for at least a couple of hours. It makes the urine appear to be natural, and it is best to seek out a detox beverage that is of higher quality, containing creatine, minerals, and other nutrients for the body. After you have drank the beverage, this provides around five hours of opportunity before the bladder will start to contain toxins again. During this five hour window, that is when it is the ideal time to do the drug test. After that, you are at risk of failing it. The detox beverage is the most beneficial for people who are light users of cannabis. If you are heavily using it numerous times a day, then your bladder will most likely fill up with toxins at a faster rate.

The drinks work for THC and pretty much any drug metabolite. Many people even do monthly, quarterly, or yearly detoxes or cleanses. Knowing that you only have the five-hour window after drinking in the detox is the key thing to remember.

So, Is It Really The Quickest Way To Pass A Drug Test?

Aside from a detox beverage, the most efficient way to pass a drug test is to use synthetic urine. This method is tested and tried, the best way to pass a drug test with the highest accuracy rate. It also contains the highest risk and in order to bring synthetic urine into a drug test, you have to be pretty daring. Second best to synthetic urine is just to take a detox beverage. You will need at least two hours notice for this method to work properly. If you really want to ensure that you’ll have a higher chance of passing, you need to purchase a higher quality one. If you have tons of metabolites in your body, it takes a better drink to detox. The more cannabis you use, the more metabolites you will have in your system. Using a detox drink is just considered to be a temporary solution for a short couple of hours before you will be at a high risk of failing the test. Lighter users will benefit from this method a lot more than heavier, chronic users of cannabis. But, if you abstain for a few days prior to the drug test, take a very strong detox beverage, and take it at the right time, then take the drug test at the right time within the right window, you are upping your chances of passing. Less cannabis usage means fewer metabolites means better passing chances means you’ll get that job you want.

A Comparison Between Detox Beverages and Synthetic Urine

A good quality of synthetic urine such as Sub Solution will be able to pass any of the conventional and regularly administered drug tests. The biggest factor to take into consideration here is you need the bravery to be able to bring it into the test. If you have that, then you will pass. One of the biggest issues with synthetic urine is that it will need to be in the range of human urine, and this range is only allowed a couple of degrees of difference. This means you will need to have a measure of control over the temperature of the urine in order to pass as well. If the urine is too hot or too cold, it could face a higher risk of failing the drug test.

The synthetic urine option is better for a heavy cannabis user that doesn’t want to stop using for days prior to the test or doesn’t want to waste their time on detox drinks. If the drug testing is supervised, synthetic urine for sure won’t work. If you don’t have the courage to smuggle in synthetic urine, then detox drinks are your only bet to passing.

Are Detox Beverages Trustworthy For THC Masking?

Detox beverages can only be trusted to mask THC for a couple of hours. Beyond that, you will be on your own. Because drug metabolites in your urine are the same as any other metabolites, you can’t buy a special THC metabolite masking drink. Metabolites are flushed out of the urine the same way and will reappear after the couple hour window after drinking the detox beverage has finished. Detox beverages that claim to focus directly on THC metabolites are not being 100% accurate and should not be trusted. A detox drink just affects the bladder, not the metabolites in it. Make sure not to waste the extra money on purchasing a drink that says it will work directly on THC.

What Are The Best Detox Beverages To Pass A Drug Test?

Most detox drinks out there will work if you are a very light user. A light user would be classified as anything around a few joints per week. Ensure that the beverage contains the basic vitamins, creatine, and minerals, and don’t just go straight for the cheapest one you see.

Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify Mega Clean is one of the few detox beverages that does its job and does it well. There are many out there on the market today that claim to work, but really don’t. This beverage works by flushing out the urinary tract, getting rid of any toxins. With other beverages like water, the flushing out process also rids the body of nutrients and vitamins. With Mega Clean, it replaces those lost nutrients and vitamins. This will make it more reliable to take before a drug test.

To Use Mega Clean:

All you have to do is drink the beverage over a span of 15 minutes. After that, you will fill the empty bottle back up with water, and drink the water over the next 15 minutes. You will be urinating quite often over the next hour or so, To ensure it will work at its best, you should stay away from using toxins for the next two days approaching your drug test. Pre-rid pills are said to assist in this detox process even more. But, if you are a light user, then Mega Clean should do the job by itself. After the last time you urinate, you should then take the drug test. You will have a higher chance of passing and the closer you take Mega Clean to your drug test, the better. You will need approximately an hour and a half for it to do its work. Mega Clean is fairly cheap, can be relied upon at a decent rate, and is definitely worth trying before you attempt to take your next drug test.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

This detox beverage is considered to be a little on the pricier side in comparison to other mainstream detox drinks, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Eliminex is said to be the strongest detox beverage on the market today. Even though it is 20% more expensive than any other kind, it will do the job, and do it well. It is a concentrated formula and will flush out drug metabolites in your body, no matter how many there are. It should give a good five-hour window in order to take the drug test and it has a fairly high rate of accuracy and reliability. If you are wanting top quality, then this is the clear one to choose to produce a clear testing result.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

One other company that produces a good quality detox beverage is Sub Solution. This is the same company that produces the synthetic urine and is a decent choice for the more moderate cannabis user.

Some instructions regarding the detox:

  1. It works best if you stay away from all toxins for 2-3 days. This means staying away from all drugs.
  2. In the 4 hours proceeding up to ingesting the beverage, do not eat or drink any food or liquids.
  3. Give the bottle a good shake and drink it all in the next ten minutes after opening it.
  4. As with others, fill the whole bottle up with cold water and then drink all of that within 15 minutes.
  5. Attempt to urinate at least twice in the next hour and do not eat or drink anything.

The cost of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse runs between $50-$80. It is not the cheapest solution, but it is on the list of higher quality detox beverages as well. All of these three detox drinks are strong and reliable options for a full detox that will heavily increase your chances of passing the drug test. All three work in similar ways and will ensure the same window of opportunity to complete the test. Heavier cannabis users will favour Eliminex, while lighter users will prefer the others. Again, make sure not to be compelled into purchasing a detox drink that markets to users trying to eliminate THC from the body. You will only be paying more money for the same result as every other detox drink.

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