Cybin Inc. seeks patent for inhalation delivery of psychedelic medications

The Toronto company is developing a psychedelic drug for anxiety disorders.

Cybin says inhalation allows rapid onset and improved dose control for pyschedelics. primipil/Getty Images


Cybin Inc. has applied for an international patent over one of its methods for delivering psychedelic medicines.

The Toronto-based biotechnology company is developing treatments that can be adminstered in three ways.

One is sublingual, or under the tongue.

The second is through ODTs, which are orally disintegrating tablets.

And the third, which was the subject of the patent application, is through inhalation.

In a media release Tuesday (October 12), Cybin stated that it applied for a patent in support of its development of a medication using a proprietary molecule called CYB004.

It can be recalled that on June 16, 2021, the company revealed that it selected social anxiety disorder (SAD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as the initial target indications for its CYB004.

In a released on that day, Cybin explained that social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a “persistent and irrational fear of embarrassment and humiliation in social situations”.

“SAD typically begins in childhood or adolescence and, untreated, can be associated with the subsequent development of major depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems,” the company noted.

Moreover, “The disorder can be associated with extensive functional impairment and reduced quality of life.”

As a company, Cybin focuses on psychedelic therapeutics through a three-pronged approach.

To explain, this strategy involves developing new formulations, delivery systems, and regimens.

In a previous presentation, Cybin explained that inhalation delivery “aims to bypass liver metabolism with faster action and dose control”.

The company’s media release on October 12 noted that the benefits of inhalation.

Compared to the traditional way of oral administration, Cybin stated that inhalation will “facilitate optimized psychedelic session timing”, as well as allow “lower doses” and provide health care workers with “more control”.

The company’s application was made under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which covers 153 countries, including Canada and the U.S.

Cybin trades in the NEO Exchange under the symbol CYBN.

As of this post, CYBN shares are trading at $2.56 each.

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