Which vape-pen battery is right for you?

How long does it take to recharge a vape-pen battery? Let’s look at all of the factors involved

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Vape pens offer an excellent way to consume cannabis, as they’re affordable, easy to use, and reusable. Not only that, but they’re super discreet. You can’t put a lit joint in your pocket and expect everything to be alright. With a vape pen, you don’t have to worry about such problems.

There are four main parts in a standard vape pen (although there may be more in specialized and customized versions): a mouthpiece (from which you inhale the vapor), a cartridge (holding what you’re vaporizing – in this case, weed!), an atomizer (the component doing the actual vaporizing), and a battery.

The battery provides the atomizer with power to vaporize the substance contained in the cartridge. Most vape-pen batteries are designed to work with specific cartridges – if you mix and match, you could either burn out the cartridge (which would render it completely unusable) or fail to vaporize it all together. 

So how long does it take to recharge a vape-pen battery? Before answering that question, we should take a look at all of the factors involved. Different battery sizes, for instance – every style of vape pen uses a different kind of battery, and the size differences are becoming greater as more powerful batteries are introduced. A general rule of thumb for today’s vape-pen batteries is that they’ll last for about a thousand inhales. This is assuming the battery is approximately 1100 mAh and in reasonably good condition. 

In this article, we will be focusing on 510 batteries. These are the most popular type of battery in vape pens. The number 510 refers to the style of battery and lets users know which cartridge it works with. As for other battery types, if you’ve ever heard of 18950 batteries, you know that they’re used for powerful (mod) devices. 

When charging your vape pen, make sure you only use the charger given to you upon purchase. If you use an aftermarket charger, you risk damaging the battery and the vape pen itself. Just because the charger fits doesn’t mean it should be used! And definitely don’t use phone chargers just because they fit. You risk damaging the charger too. 

mAh explained

Although this unit may sound confusing, it’s actually quite simple. The term mAh stands for “milliampere-hour” and represents how long a battery will last. For example, a vape-pen battery rated at 1000 mAh will last significantly longer than one rated at 300 mAh. For reference, 300 mAh will often last an entire day without charging. Typically, vape-pen batteries come in three forms: high-capacity and low-power, low-power and high-capacity, and, finally, a balance of the two. 

Battery life

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How long your battery lasts depends a lot on how much you use your pen. Earlier, we mentioned that 1100 mAh will get you about a thousand inhales. If you’re willing, try to keep count of your inhales for the next hour. Let’s say you inhale 30 times within that time. A thousand divided by 30 is approximately 33. This means the battery will last about 33 hours, or just under a day and a half. 

This simple calculation is not always accurate, however. Sometimes you need to take into account the amperage, voltage, and more. As for amperage, all you need to know is that the higher it is, the lower your battery’s charged timeframe will be. 

For example, imagine two vape pens, each with an 1100 mAh battery. Number one has a high amperage, whereas number two has a low amperage. Number two will likely last longer (as long as the two pens are used in the exact same circumstances). 

It’s also worth noting that number of inhales may also not be an accurate form of measurement. Some people inhale a lot harder than others, and this is bound to drain the battery faster. Fortunately, the thousand-inhales rule is an average, meaning all of that is taken into account. Just don’t expect to get exactly a thousand inhales. (Also, if you know exactly how many inhales you’ve taken over days, you need to get a hobby.) 

Vape-pen batteries can run as large as 2000 mAh (if not bigger) and as small as 280 mAh. The small ones are designed for people who don’t use their vape pens regularly. A prominent example of a vape pen that uses a battery this small is the KandyPens Rubi.

Other features to consider

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Voltage shutdown: When considering which model to buy, make sure it includes a voltage-shutdown feature. If it doesn’t have this feature, you run the risk of damaging the battery, the device, and yourself. Think of it this way: would you run your car 24/7, even when you’re not using it? Your gas will deplete, your engine will overheat, and the fumes will poison the air around you. You need a voltage-shutdown feature!

Tube material: You’re going to want a battery made from a corrosion- resistant material. The more durable the material, the better, as this will extend the life of the battery and the vape pen itself. Make sure that the pen’s overall construction is also durable. Because you’re likely to be carrying it wherever you go, you don’t want to be overly worried about damaging it. For this reason, many people buy or make cases to protect their pens. 

Lithium-ion batteries: These batteries are great quality components. Not only are they durable, but they require little or no maintenance. This is why you’ll find lithium-ion batteries in most smartphones and smart devices. They can be a little more expensive than other types of battery, but they’re well worth the price. Your vape pen will run more efficiently than it would with a non-lithium-ion battery. 

Charging time: When deciding on a battery, many people go straight for the largest one they can find. Sure, this extends the amount of time your battery will last, but it also increases the charging time significantly. On the other side are people who buy smaller batteries, so they charge them up quickly. This is all fun and games until you realize you’re constantly having to charge them. If you’re only going to use it every once in a while, and buy one that has a battery switch, you’ll probably be better off. 

Battery switch offs: Make sure to get a battery that’s easily switched off. Using one that’s always on really depletes the charge. It also decreases the overall lifespan of the battery. By the same token, you need to actually use the battery to preserve its quality. If you were to leave the battery unused for long periods, you might do even more damage to it than you would to a battery that was always being used. 

Overcharging: Be sure not to overcharge your batteries! One or two times may not damage them, but consistently overcharging will. All you have to do is unplug the vape pen when it reaches 100-percent battery capacity. This particular problem affects the majority of batteries across all devices. iPhones and other smartphones have all been susceptible to battery failure when repeatedly charged past 100-percent capacity. 

Zero-percent battery charge: Try not to let your battery charge fall to zero percent. Doing so constantly may ruin the battery over time. A great way to avoid this is to buy a vape pen or battery with a battery-life gauge! It will save and lengthen the battery’s overall lifespan. This problem occurs because most devices use the remaining few percent to optimize the battery functions. When it hits zero, those optimized functions shut down. Also, the lower the battery gets, the more power it needs to get up and running again – not to mention that it’ll take even more time to charge!

Final thoughts

When you’re buying vape-pen batteries, there are a lot of factors and features to keep in mind beyond mAh, despite the various rumours out there. There is more to the life of a battery than size. Amperage, voltage, and usage are all important factors to consider. 

Keep in mind that if you’re going to be using your vape pen to consume cannabis, you need to ensure that the substance is legal where you live. Cannabis is currently legal in over 30 American states and a dozen other countries. If you’re not in one of these regions, use your vape pen for something else. Also, be sure that vape-pen use is legal in your location.

Not only are unregistered vape pens illegal, but they’ve proven to be deadly. This article is not intended to be a legal resource, nor is it an excuse for illegal cannabis consumption. For more information on which battery or vape-pen component works best for cannabis consumption, refer to your local cannabis dispensary.

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