Carlos Santana once said pot should be legal in U.S.: “It’s all fun once you get past the fear.”

Santana is one helluva guitar player, but he’s also got it goin’ on in the humanity department


Carlos Santana photo by ian, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Photo at right by Yarygin/iStock/Getty Images Plus.


Carlos Santana is one helluva guitar player. Everybody knows that.

But he’s also got it goin’ on in the humanity department. He knows what’s important in life, it seems.

I interviewed Santana back in 2011, and at one point in the conversation I asked the Mexican-born music legend if he thought the people of his native country would ever escape the maelstrom of bloody violence the drug wars had wrought down there.

He had a few solutions to the problem–like legalizing marijuana in the U.S. and Mexico, and not throwing people in jail for it.

“We need to invest more in education than incarceration,” he told me. “We need to legalize marijuana, you know, and that would stop the [drug] wars really really quick.

“Legalize marijuana, and invest all that money only for teachers, schools, and students, because the more you educate people, the less people will do violent things. Because people do violence when they have a real lack of self-worth, you know.

“So it’s not only Mexico,” Santana surmised. “The United States has its own problems cut out for itself. If all the money that was spent on the Pentagon, we wouldn’t give it to them for about a month, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are right now, with going bankrupt.

“Yeah I’m not afraid to say it. A lotta people are afraid—’Woo, don’t get there’, whatever. You ask me, I’ll tell ya. Now I want to tell you the truth, and the truth is that we invest too much in fear, and very little in love.

“And it’s all fun once you get past the fear.”

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