Canopy Growth Corporation modifies and updates 2019 deal with Acreage Holdings for a second time

According to Canopy Growth Corporation’s CEO, David Klein, the U.S. will be the company’s key market

Canopy Growth Corporation CEO David Klein has revisited a deal to purchase a New York company if the U.S. legalizes weed.


Back in April 2019—before COVID-19 and before cannabis stocks plunged—Canada’s most valuable licensed producer announced a $3.4-billion deal.

Under this arrangement, Canopy Growth, which is based in the eastern Ontario town of Smith Falls, would buy New York–based Acreage Holdings Inc. if a key condition were met.

The U.S. federal government would have to legalize cannabis for the agreement to be executed.

The companies amended their deal on May 23, 2019.

The $3.4-billion price turned out to be a mirage, however, because it was based on the value of a swap of securities. Acreage shareholders were to receive 0.5818 of a common share of Canopy Growth in the original deal.

On May 23, 2019, Canopy Growth Corporation shares opened at $61.15.

Today, the shares opened at a much lower price: $22.50. And a second amendment was announced.

It requires Canopy Growth to pay Acreage shareholders and certain convertible security holders US$37.5 million, or approximately US$0.30 per share.

Each Acreage subordinate voting share will now be exchanged for 0.3048 of a common share in Canopy Growth Corp. rather than 0.5818 of a common share.

The newest amendment also creates two classes of Acreage shares, “including a new floating share that provides upside opportunity for Acreage shareholders that is not tied to [a] fixed exchange ratio”, according to Canopy Growth.

“The United States is going to be a core market for Canopy Growth and this New Agreement solidifies our path forward with Acreage,” Canopy Growth CEO David Klein said in a news release. “I am excited to bring our relationship with Acreage back to centre stage in our U.S. strategy and look forward to a time when the laws in the United States permit us to finalize this transaction as we march toward bringing our exciting beverage products to the U.S.”

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