CannaBus Culture Film Festival proves movies and weed were made for each other

Get your weed out, it’s movie time!


Donia Kash and Andrew Dunbar star in Fall Back Down, streaming as part of the CannaBus Culture Film Festival.


Everybody knows that movies and weed go together well. Especially if there’s a metric tonne of popcorn on hand, and enough nicely chilled beverages to wash it all down.

Movies about weed can also be a good time. We don’t just mean stoner-comedy standbys like Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, though. Or even Vancouver pothead Seth Rogen‘s Pineapple Express.

On October 17 and 18 the CannaBus Culture Film Festival will livestream a selection of new films promoting cannabis culture.

According to the event’s website. “CCFF presents independent filmmaker’s cannabis and hemp themed movies to cities across America to elevate and educate the community through a shared community film-screening experience. We screen everything from narratives to documentaries including genres like comedy, horror, science fiction, drama, and action.”

This year’s lineup of films includes director Dennis C. Hefter’s romantic comedy-drama Army & Coop, Elijah McKenzie’s documentary KY Place: Hemp State, and Robbie Lopez’s horror-comedy Texas Death Trippin’: Ax-Tended Cut. Vancouverites, meanwhile, won’t want to miss Sarah Beth Edwards’s comedy-thriller Fall Back Down. (That one features D.O.A.’s Joey Keithley in the role of “The Fixer”).

The CannaBus program also features shorts. These include films by Ryan Suits (“Best Buds”), Matt Mirams (“The Grand Scheme”), Chris Chappell (“The Magic Seed”), and Ryan Kleier (“Your Brain on Drug Policy”).

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