Cannabis Tourism: Where in the World Should You Smoke?

Cannabis tourism is booming, but the laws around cannabis consumption can be sticky even in places where weed is legal

cannabis tourism where in the world should you smoke

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Thanks to long-awaited legalization, anyone travelling to Canada are free to purchase and smoke cannabis, so long as they’re of legal age of consumption, gets to enjoy our homegrown bud. And cannabis tourism is poised to become a booming business.

For Canadians travelling abroad, however, the laws around marijuana use are considerably stickier. Luckily, a growing number of destinations have started to see the light – allowing folks to light up. Here are nine places to explore.

Top 9 Places for Cannabis Tourism 


If you’ve looked into cannabis tourism before, Uruguay is probably high on your list. The country legalized recreational cannabis in 2013, which means it’s completely legal to grow, buy and enjoy weed. The caveat is that this freedom technically applies to residents only. However, visitors are free to enjoy the Earth’s bounty if they’re “offered” a joint. Time to befriend the locals.


Colorado, U.S.A.

The northern state was first in the U.S. to legalize recreational weed, so it’s had a head start with cannabis tourism. In Denver these days, cannabis lovers can partake in everything from cannabis tours and marijuana cooking classes to staying in 420-friendly hotels. The state’s mountains and wildlife make the perfect backdrop for getting high.



Enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea with your tokes in this Central American country, which decriminalized cannabis in 2017. However, it still might be tricky for foreigners to safely buy marijuana. If you do get your hands on some bud, it’s best to enjoy it indoors or on private property.



More than ever, cannabis aficionados are flocking to the island nation with a reputation as one of the best places on the planet for ganja since Jamaica decriminalized cannabis in 2016. The trend has led to the growth of a number of cannabis travel spots like the Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat, an all-inclusive cannabis resort, and Hotbox Jamaica, a “bud and breakfast” for anyone into wake ‘n’ baking.

cannabis tourism in Jamaica


Alaska, U.S.A.

The northernmost U.S. state is known for its rugged terrain and relaxed cannabis laws. Since legalizing recreational use, Alaska has seen a rise in cannabis tourism. Visitors can contact businesses such as Juneau Cannabis Tours for a guided experience of the city’s dispensaries and grow operations. But if you’re visiting Alaska by cruise ship or taking a ferry, make sure you empty your pockets first, as legality doesn’t cover waterways.


Freetown Christiania, Denmark

If you find yourself in Copenhagen, you won’t be allowed to smoke pot. But if you happen to wander into Freetown Christiania, a 19-acre commune that has become one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions, you’ll undoubtedly catch whiff of the stuff. As the name suggests, Freetown Christiania is “free” of many laws that Danes must abide by, resulting in the open selling and consuming of cannabis.


Vancouver, Canada

The West Coast city enjoyed marijuana out in the open long before it became legal in Canada. As such, in addition to nearly a dozen legal pot shops across the city from which anyone over the age of 19 can buy, there are numerous spots to light a blunt, including the famous New Amsterdam Café, which has been in operation since 2000.



This European nation is a recreational drug user’s paradise, thanks to the decriminalization of all drugs in 2001. But that doesn’t mean Portugal is the next Canada, or even Amsterdam for that matter. You can purchase marijuana legally with a medical license, but recreational users typically have to rely dealers on dealers. That means, you likely won’t know what you’re really getting, especially if you’re not exactly fluent in Portuguese.



A list on cannabis tourism would not be complete without the capital of the Netherlands, where cannabis has been legal and enjoyed out in the open for decades – despite strict restrictions on its use. Instead, it’s tolerated with local coffee shops offering a place to smoke. However, be warned that in Amsterdam, there’s no regulating body verifying the strains or potencies, so you may end up getting some wacky stuff and not remember much of your European holiday.

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