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Research conducted in the Downtown Eastside shows cannabis could help reduce crack use

We’ve heard of cannabis being used as an effective replacement for opioids, but new research conducted in Vancouver has shown that it can also help people control their use of crack cocaine.


Overgrow Canada offers to mail 100 free marijuana seeds to Canadians

A marijuana strain called Freedom Dream is being made available for free to Canadians. All they need to do is plant.


Ottawa cannabis firm plans to buy 20 percent stake in Vancouver-based Anandia Laboratories

As the Trudeau government prepares to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana, an Ottawa-based company plans to buy a stake in.


Shoppers Drug Mart applies to distribute medical marijuana

Canada's second-wealthiest man wants in on the medical-marijuana business. Canada's largest chain of drugstores, Shoppers Drug Mart, has told CBC News.


Drug policy groups urge task force to endorse retail pot shops and not be swayed by media hysteria

Three organizations with deep roots in B.C. have filed submissions to a federal task force maintaining that the government and.


Unlike in Vancouver, Victoria city staff recommend no ban on edibles in marijuana dispensary bylaw

While the City of Vancouver is busy ticketing marijuana dispensaries, there are more liberating winds blowing in Victoria. On Thursday (May.