Cannabis-Infused Products You Had No Idea Existed

As legalization of Cannabis becomes more widespread across Canada, people are not only enjoying the ‘weed’ in its traditional forms but are also partaking in a host of other ways to enjoy this recreational drug.


With legalization, new cannabis-infused products are hitting the markets at a rapid pace.

Research carried out by GreenWave Advisors estimates that, by 2020, Cannabis and its associated products will become a $35billion industry. With these kinds of numbers behind it, Cannabis stores are opening all over the country and product designers are getting creative as to how they incorporate the drug into…..well, anything!

Some products are designed to get you high, whilst others offer various Cannabis associated medical benefits. Let‘s take a look at some of what’s already out there:

Bath Salts

jar of pink salt

It’s not just traditional manufacturers that are getting into this newly legalized trend, Whoopi Goldberg, the actor, and comedian, has launched her own line of cannabis-based products. The brand, Whoopi & Maya, sell a THC-infused organic product called Epsom Salt Soak from locations in California and Colorado.

It is claimed that the product alleviates stress; nullifies pain and inflammation; eliminates toxins; relieves constipation; and cures insomnia.

Beef Jerky

As the name suggests, Beef Reef Jerky is a jerky that has been infused with Cannabis. It is nut-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. Badfish Extracts, the product owners, state that Beef Reef Jerky can help sufferers of headaches and Crohn’s disease.

Cereal Bars

Colorful Bars with Weed

The Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar from Herban Supply Co contains 100mg of THC. Reviews of the product range from “liked the taste” to “six hours of high after eating two”.

Dog Biscuits

Colorful dog cookies with cannabis

Crunchy Hemp Biscuits, it is claimed, will not get your dog high, but it will make them altogether more level-headed. Each serving contains around 10mg of CBD oil that is meant to make nervous dogs more calm, and shy dogs more confident.

Gummy Candy

Chewing candies with cannabis

Four varieties of flavored gummy candy are offered by Dixie. They come in citrus, sour, watermelon and tropical flavors and each one contains 10mg of THC. If you let the sweet dissolve in your mouth, you are promised a fast, smooth high and pain relief.


Honey with cannabis

Cannabis-infused honey from Honey Pot is made from Californian wild flowers and virgin coconut oil. There is no THC in the honey, so there is no high. The product is designed as a medication and utilizes the declared healing properties offered by Cannabis.

Olive Oil

Olive oil with weed

Little House Foods offers Cook-Your-Own-Cannabis Olive Oil. The product is used in the exact same way as normal olive oil, but each serving contains 50mg of THC.

The oil utilizes a sativa; a subspecies of the Cannabis plant called Sour Diesel. This is well known for its pungency, fast action and headiness; and medical patients report that it helps relieve stress, pain and depression.

Personal Lubricant

Lubricant with cannabis

Foria’s cannabis-infused lubricant for women predicts 15 minutes of unceasing pleasure or users of their product. The gel is made from 100% natural products including cannabis oil and it has a calming bouquet. It is so natural, you could eat it. Seriously, you CAN eat it.


Shampoo with marijuana

Hemp Oil Shampoo from Cibaderm promises clean hair and a healthy scalp. It must deliver both of these because it made the High Times list of best products for 2017. The product contains no coarse chemicals as many shampoos do. Alas, there are no highs either!


Cola with cannabis

Canna Cola, Doc Weed, Grape Ade, Orange Kush and Sour Diesel are the 5 flavors in the Canna Cola carbonated soda range. Each bottle has 35-65mg of THC added to the drink to give it that extra ‘fizz’.

Soluble THC

Ripple Pure is purified THC in a rapidly acting, soluble form and is offered by Stillwater Brands. Each packet contains precisely 10mg of THC and is devoid of calories, flavors or odors. It is designed to be consumed with any food or drink and Stillwater claims that the high, which onsets around 20 minutes after consumption, lasts a “long time”.

Stick-On Patches

Patches with marijuana leaves

These stick-on patches from Mary’s Medicinals offer users an effortless and discreet high. Having placed the patch on a venous part of the skin, it is fast-acting, delivering a full-body high and ‘mild euphoria’. Apparently, they reduce inflammation as well as supporting your immune system too.


Tampons with marijuana for women

Foria’s tampons, each infused with 240mg of THC and 40mg of CBD, provide comfort and pain relief during menstruation. THC is the pain blocker and the inflammation is relieved by CBD. There is no high, but two out of three ain’t bad.

Toothpaste And Mouthwash

Toothpaste with grass

Oraximax is the first toothpaste to be cannabis-based. Its makers, AXIM Biotech, also produce a whole range of associated products from mouthwash to dental cleanser.

Brushing your teeth with this product will leave you with beautiful clean teeth but with no high as it contains industrial hemp, but no THC. AXIM Biotech also promise that Oraximax will help ease chronic tooth pain and aid other dental issues.

So, whether they are designed to get you high or help you medically, there are plenty of Cannabis associated products out there to try. You may even come up with your own product idea next time you’re enjoying your own high.

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