Cannabis Curing and Drying

Your Guide to Achieving Potent Buds and How to Dry Weed Fast You’re almost there; all you want to know

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Your Guide to Achieving Potent Buds and How to Dry Weed Fast

You’re almost there; all you want to know now is how to dry your weed fast and you’re ready for lift-off. Well, not quite. Read on for a guide on curing cannabis and how to dry your weed fast.

With weeks of hard work lovingly tending to your plants; and carefully taking in your harvest of aroma-filled cannabis buds. Now you just want to get stuck into them and try them out. But, you still have a couple of important steps to carry out. Drying and curing are as important as any other step in the process; getting it wrong can leave you with damp and mouldy buds.

Cannabis Curing & Potency

Properly curing your cannabis buds will increase their potency. How you may well ask? Cannabis plants’ THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), as well as other cannabinoids, are activated by biosynthesis; a process of converting certain compounds such as non-active THCA which becomes active THC.

Even after cutting down your cannabis plant, this process will still continue under certain conditions. One such condition is keeping your new harvest of cannabis in temperature between 60-70F and a humidity level of 45-55%. This continuation of biosynthesis will allow your buds to increase their potency. Drying your cannabis too quickly under hot conditions will halt biosynthesis quickly.

Cannabis Curing & Flavor and Smoke Quality

Many terpenes, the compounds that produce the aroma and flavour of cannabis, are highly volatile. The can become degraded or completely evaporated at temperatures above 70F. Curing your cannabis slowly will preserve its terpenes and, therefore, its aroma and flavour too. 

Another benefit of curing under these conditions is that you will get less harsh smoke as the sugars and excess minerals that cause harsh smoke get broken down by bacteria.

Cannabis Curing & Preserving Your Crop

Properly cured cannabis will store for longer without becoming mouldy or losing its potency. Well, cured weed can be stored easily using a sealable container that keeps it air-tight; and kept in a cool, dark location. Storage can be for up to 2 years without significantly losing any of its potency.

How to Dry Weed Fast

Or should we say “how to dry weed as fast as possible” without sacrificing any of the conditions above?

Initial Weed Drying

Your method of carrying out initial weed drying depends on how you’ve harvested it. The most common method is to hang cannabis plant branches from lines, having first removed any surplus leaves. 

Another method is to hang the whole plant, while other growers prefer just remove the buds and place these of flat drying racks. Whatever method you choose, you can remove your buds before or after drying.

You need to keep your newly harvested cannabis in a dark, cool storage facility. Temperature should be kept between 60-70F and humidity within 45-55%. Using a mini fan will help with air circulation around the buds.

The correct storage environment, as above, is critical for the preservation of the aroma and flavour of your buds. If you can, a (de)humidifier and AC unit are recommended for maintaining a correct environment.

This stage can take between 5-15 days, depending on how dense the flowers are and the environment.

When flowers start to feel a little like popcorn and the cannabis plant branches snap when bent, it means you are ready for the next stage of the process. 

Final Cannabis Curing

When you are sure that your buds are dry, it is time for curing. There are 4 steps to this process, as follows:

  1. If you have already manicured your buds or removed them from their branches, do this now.
  2. Place your manicured buds in an airtight container. Something with a wide mouth, either jar or other solid containers, so that you can get easy access to your buds and it is easy to put them in without spilling them. Plastic storage bags are often suggested, but we find it difficult to keep oxygen out, so we do not recommend these. Pack your buds loosely right to the top of the container. Do not force the buds in as you will damage them.
  3. Seal your containers and place them in a cool, dark and dry storage area. Within 24 hours, you should notice that your buds no longer have their crunch and are slightly moist. If this is not so, you have probably over-dried your buds.
  4. For week one of curing, open the container a few times per day to allow your weed to breathe for several minutes. This will allow any moisture to be released and will refresh the oxygen level. If you smell ammonia, it indicates that your buds are not sufficiently dry for curing and they are being consumed by bacteria. This will leave you with mouldy, spoiled cannabis. After one week of curing, you have to open your container only once every couple of days.

Two to three weeks of curing should give your cannabis the potency to provide a quality high; increase the time to one or two months and you will increase the quality even more. Some cannabis strains benefit from cures of up to 6 months.

Curing is an often overlooked part of the cannabis production process and especially so when the ‘black’ market was the only option for purchasing cannabis. Competition among companies involved in the recreational and medical cannabis markets, now means that there is much more attention paid to curing and the great results that you achieve from doing it properly. Those being, more potency, better quality and the best means of how to dry weed fast.

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