420 Vancouver organizers report they’ve settled city bills for 2018, mostly

A lead organizer of Vancouver's annual 420 festival and protest has said he's settled the event's bills for 2018. 'Just sent.


Elon Musk issues warnings to humanity, but everyone was too busy talking about weed to notice

All it took was one half-hearted toke from a man wearing an “Occupy Mars” t-shirt to push social media over.


After $290-million deal, Aurora Cannabis share price rises—but not nearly as high as Tilray’s

Aurora Cannabis Inc. shares were up 1.72 percent today on news that it's buying a South American lab company. In a.


Pardons for past cannabis crimes have major limitations, and there’s no simple fix

For $631, the Canadian government will suspend a citizen's prior conviction for a marijuana offence. The only substantial conditions for such.

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Online backlash grows against media coverage of Elon Musk smoking cannabis

When Elon Musk smoked a joint last week on Joe Rogan's podcast, the images were blasted across TV newscasts around.


3 Questions: The Yield Growth Corp. CEO Penny Green on cannabis-infused sex, pot stocks, and lifestyle brands

Yaletown lawyer Penny Green likes to call herself a “serial entrepreneur”