Are Canadian cannabis stocks ready for a rebound?

After 12 straight months of decline, the share prices improved slightly in late March


Health Canada asks cannabis producers to aid in COVID-19 testing

The agency is “working to identify lab capacity that might be available across the country”


COVID-19: Cannabis businesses have been deemed “essential services”

In B.C., retailers and producers were included under the heading of “Food and agricultural service providers”


Cannabis companies donate supplies to combat COVID-19

If you’re the type of person who looks for silver linings, consider that a crisis often brings out the best in humanity


Many Canadians are open to trying cannabis edibles: report

Edibles and drinkables could be essential to the growth of the Canadian cannabis market, according to a study by market research firm Mintel

Hobo dispensary in Kitsilano

Hobo Cannabis Company to open 10 stores in Toronto

The dispensary chain wants to open locations in Parkdale, the Church-Wellesley Village and Bloorcourt