Here comes hemp-infused vodka

Spirits makers are eager to get in on the cannabis market, especially as more states in the U.S. legalize recreational marijuana

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A small town in Ontario wants to become the cannabis tourism capital of the world 

Home to one of the biggest cannabis companies on the planet, Smiths Falls has undergone a transformation


Is flavoured cannabis a good thing?

Scientists are currently working on genetically modifying cannabis so that flavouring can be grown right into the plant


Cannabis industry workers score big in landmark case

Experts says court ruling could pave the way for more protections for workers in the cannabis industry


Video project aims to make cannabis more accessible to hearing impaired

The National Cannabis Disability Association wants to change the way people with disabilities interact with the cannabis industry


Coors getting in on weed drinks 

The beer giant has announced it will be selling a line of CBD-infused sodas in the Colorado market