Breaking bad habits doesn’t have to be so hard. Learn how.

Maybe you struggle with a bad habit such as drinking or something more simple such as forgetting to put the

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Maybe you struggle with a bad habit such as drinking or something more simple such as forgetting to put the shoes back on the shoe rack after you take them off. Bad habits are one thing that can be fully circumvented. What makes them so difficult to break is that they are related to our current emotional and mental state. A bad habit is considered bad when it is negatively affecting our lives, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Once you dig deeper and realize why bad habits are difficult to break, it can help you on your path to beating them and turning them into good habits.

Failing To Recognize Or Perceive The Habit As Bad

If the person that has the bad habit simply doesn’t even see the habit as bad, then it will never be broken. Accepting and recognizing that what they are doing is bad is in most cases, the first step on the road to conquering it.

Lack Of Will-Power

If someone is used to failing at things they have tried, these constant negative events are likely to turn into a downward spiral and will take its toll on the emotional well-being. It can turn into an attitude of wanting to give up because nothing ever works out, and this giving up attitude is not conducive to breaking a bad habit.

Psychological Issues

Psychological issues have a huge impact on being able to conquer bad habits. If you are depressed or feeling extremely low, the last thing you will want to do is stop smoking if it has been a crutch for you. Or, if one of your bad habits is not eating healthy but you are feeling extremely anxious, you are most likely not going to want to grab some celery instead of some comforting ice cream.

The Pleasantness Of Bad

Because many bad habits simply feel good, this in itself makes them so hard to get rid of. If you think of all the bad habits in your life, you will realize that many of them make you feel good instead of bad. For most, eating a bag of potato chips is temporarily more satisfying than eating broccoli. People instinctively seek out pleasure when feeling bad and it just adds fuel to the fire if you are trying to overcome something negative.

Comparing Yourselves To Others

Comparing yourself to others is another very bad habit and yet can also be the cause of bad habits. If you were raised by constantly comparing yourself to your classmates, siblings, or co-workers, this will deplete your self-esteem and well-being faster than many other things. It is one of the leading causes of unhappiness for many people.

There are many other contributing factors like stress, feeling like you are a failure and even just habits, in general, that can all make breaking a bad habit that much harder.

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