Braxia Health opens new ketamine clinic in Montreal for mental health disorders

The new Braxia Health clinic represents the company’s fourth ketamine facility in Canada.

The Braxia Health clinic will provide ketamine therapy for people dealing with depression and other mental health issues. Spukkato/Getty Images


Braxia Scientific Corp. has announced the opening of its new ketamine clinic in Montreal.

The facility will administer ketamine, a pyschedelic substance, to treat mental health disorders.

Moreover, the facility represents the fourth clinic owned by the company through a subsidiary.

The company’s subsidiary is known as the Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence Inc.

In turn, CRTCE does business as Braxia Health.

Braxia operates in Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa, all in Ontario.

Dr.Roger McIntyre, CEO of Braxia Scientific, related the experience gained so far by the company in a media release Thursday (May 13).

To illustrate, McIntyre noted that the three Ontario clinics opened less than three years ago.

Over that period, the facilities administered over 3,000 intravenous ketamine infusions.

Also, Braxia clinics provided over 60 intranasal ketamine treatments.

“Through Braxia Health clinics, these treatments have shown highly significant rapid-acting efficacy to patients with depression,” McIntyre said.

Braxia prides itself as the first clinic in Canada approved to administer ketamine.

In addition, the company operates the “only community-based” centres that administer the substance.

Many patients “experienced substantial relief” for “debilitating depression and suicidal thinking”, McIntyre said.

Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act prohibits the sale, possession and production of ketamine.

However, the law allows the same activities for medical, scientific or industrial purposes.

Health Canada explains online that ketamine acts as a fast-acting anesthetic.

It works as a “dissociative drug, producing a sense of mind from body separation”.

Braxia leads in ketamine therapy

Ketamine produces psychedelic effects like “vivid dreams or hallucinations”.

As background, Braxia Scientific previously carried the name Champignon Brands Inc.

The company announced a rebranding to Braxia Scientific on May 3 this year.

In connection with this, McIntyre said in a media release that the change emphasizes its “core business”.

This involves “changing the way depression and other mental disorders are treated”.

Also, McIntyre commands a lot of recognition in the world of psychiatry. His titles include professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the University of Toronto.

On May 11, 2020, the then Champignon-named company announced his appointment as CEO.

A media release about the appointment stated that McIntyre’s vision involved the CRTCE.

McIntyre described the CRTCE as the “world’s first integrated clinical and R&D centre in ketamine and psychedelic-based treatments”.

The May 13, 2021 media release noted that Braxia will own the Montreal, Quebec clinic in a joint venture.

In detail, the release names Neurotherapy Montreal, a health facility focusing on neurological conditions, as Braxia’s partner.

Marcel Mazaltarim carries the title of clinic manager with Neurotherapy Montreal. The manager noted that one in five people in Quebec is diagnosed with mental illness.

Furthermore, Mazaltarim said that there is a “large, growing population” currently underserved with treatments.

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