BevCanna Enterprises, Brujera Elixirs plan CBD- and THC-infused drinks

According to a nonbinding letter of intent, BevCanna will ensure that these beverages comply with Health Canada regulations

BevCanna Enterprises Brujera Elixirs

B.C. mixologist Kelly Ann Woods will create new beverages that BevCanna Enterprises will market under the State B label.


Canadians can consume cannabis in a variety of forms since the federal government legalized edibles, extracts, and topicals last October. As a result, BevCanna Enterprises and Brujera Elixirs hope to capitalize on this with new CBD- and THC-infused drinks.

Brujera CEO Kelly Ann Woods will create these beverages through State B, which is one of her company’s brands. She’s a high-profile mixologist based in Squamish, British Columbia.

According to a nonbinding letter of intent, Vancouver-based BevCanna Enterprises will market these drinks.

In addition, BevCanna plans to ensure that these beverages comply with Health Canada regulations.

“BevCanna’s experience in formulating functional yet very appealing beverages was exactly what we were looking for in a white-label partner,” Woods said in a news release. “Their success in bringing great concepts to life, while maintaining strict regulatory compliance, convinced us that they
were the right partner to work with on our new brand.”

Woods founded Gillespie Fine Spirits and this year, she won Startup Canada’s CANIE Woman Entrepreneur Award for B.C.

BevCanna Enterprises chief strategic officer John Campbell described State B as “an intriguing new concept”.

“Our plan is to create a sustainable, consistent revenue stream through our white-label portfolio,” Campbell said in the news release.

BevCanna Enterprises fills in the gaps

In addition to the regulatory issues, there’s another reason why Woods is working with BevCanna Enterprises. Brujera Elixirs can take advantage of BevCanna’s scalable and flexible manufacturing process to reach a larger number of consumers more quickly.

That’s because Bevcanna Enterprises has exclusive rights to a spring-water aquifer. It also owns a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that can produce 210 million bottles per year.

This will save Brujera Elixirs the trouble of dealing with packaging and logistics.

“We leverage proprietary and patented technology to produce premium tasting, water-soluble cannabindoid infusions using THC and CBD from both cannabis and hemp,” BevCanna Enterprises states on its website.

Moreover, the company operates a 118-hectare outdoor cultivation site in the Okanagan, giving it a ready supply of cannabis.

Charlie Smith

I'm the editor of the Georgia Straight newspaper in Vancouver, as well as a CannCentral contributor.


  • Wilhelmina Easton July 22, 2020 11:13 PM

    Thanks for your continued info on pot.. as a novice user, a Granny 84 yrs..
    I have learned much thru your G.S. Press..
    now making impressive C.B.D. brownies, for ? sleep help..
    The Dispensary on Thurlow St. has well informed staff also..

  • McKINNEY Terry July 22, 2020 11:51 PM

    I hope folks understand the difference between CBD and THC?Otherwise,someone’s going to spend the afternoon listening to the car tires crunching rocks on the road.Sounds eerie.Lasts a long time, too.Have fun,or drink the CBD instead.Very relaxing.

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