BetterLife Pharma invents implant to control release of psychedelic drugs

The Vancouver-based BetterLife Pharma Inc. develops psychedelic products and delivery systems.

The under-the-skin delivery system by BetterLife Pharma addresses risks like overdosing on psychedelic substances. Vetkit/Getty Images


An invention by BetterLife Pharma Inc. presents a novel way of administering psychedelic drugs.

Specifically, it comes in the form of a subcutaneous implant, a device inserted beneath a person’s skin.

The implant controls the release of psychedelic substances like LSD and psilocybin.

BetterLife operates out of Vancouver, developing psychedelic products, pharmaceuticals, and delivery systems.

In a media release, the company said that the implant will help in the “prevention of psychedelic drug diversion”.

To explain, BetterLife said that diversion takes two forms.

One involves a patient consuming over a prescribed dose. The second refers to resale of the drugs to other people.

Ahmad Doroudian works as the CEO of BetterLife.

“A problem associated with the dispensing of controlled substances is the risk of the patient self-administering a larger dose than prescribed,” Doroudian said in a media release.

Moreover, Doroudian said that this can “result in addiction, intoxication, overdose, and possibly death”.

The BetterLife executive also said that the implantable subcutaneous product will enable widespread use of psychedelic drugs.

In addition, such use will happen “without the associated risks of unintentional misdosing or intentional diversion”.

BetterLife wants patent for psychedelic delivery system

Researchers say that psychedelic-based or –assisted treatments present new options in dealing with an array of mental-health issues.

For example, CannCentral on August 27, 2020 reported about a new LSD research showing the drug’s potential as a pain reliever.

As well, the paper published Journal of Psychopharmacology indicates that a low dose produces an analgesic effect.

Also important, the relief comes without inducing a trip or a psychedelic hallucination.

Known on the street as ‘acid’, LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide.

Meanwhile, psilocybin comes from so-called ‘magic mushrooms’.

In Canada, the federal government has allowed a number of patients facing end-of-life conditions to use psilocybin to ease their mental stress.

Users of LDS and psilocybin typically ingest these substances.

In the media release Thursday (April 29), BetterLife announced that it has applied for patent protection of its implantable subcutaneous product.

The device incorporates the option for a pulsatile or burst-type release in “accordance with current microdosed psychedelic protocols”.

In addition, the implant provides “extended duration of release”.

BetterLife trades in the Canadian Stock Exchange. As of this post, BETR shares are trading at $0.63 each.

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